Chemicals in Deodorant

5 Toxic Chemicals in Deodorant

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Chemicals in deodorant. We all love the great odor. In fact, it is calculated that approximately 90% of Americans use deodorant daily. A Lot of people applied deodorant to their armpits every day. This seems to be safe, but actually, it is not. If you choose the incorrect product then you can have a significant response to your health.

And nowadays every second person buys deodorants that contain harmful chemicals. They do not even know about it. Here is the list of 5 Toxic chemicals in deodorant you should avoid.

1. Aluminum.

Deodorants that contains aluminum or aluminum salt are believed to be causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum plays a role as to stop sweating. It can be absorbed by your skin. It also causes breast cancer. One thing to remember that as it is a toxic compound because it is also prohibited in our diet. Stop using deodorants containing aluminum as it is very hazardous to your health.


2. Silica.

Deodorants containing silica as their ingredient causes allergies, itching, cancer, immunotoxicity. Silica is famous for skin irritation.  silica might be contaminated with quartz in crystalline form which causes cancer.



Here in this ingredient, the “n” means number.Because in the ingredient list it might be written as steareth-1.  It is derived from vegetables. It is reacted with the cancer-causing compound is known as ethylene oxide.


4. Parabéns.

It is a usual and common ingredient which is found in every deodorant. And also in everyday cosmetic products. You might see on the products with a written label “paraben free” and it’s a good sign. it has been used in products for since 70 years. But the truth is that they are linked to the breast cancer. They disturb your hormonal balance and hence force your hormones to produce estrogen.

It plays an important role in breast cancer formation. And it is dangerous for your health. And it is one of the chemicals in deodorant.

5. Triclosan.

It is another ingredient that also irritates your skin and causes allergies. Your body contains good and bad both types of bacterias. But this ingredient kills both bacterias. It is a good pesticide. It also causes cancer and contact dermatitis.


Please do not use the deodorants that contain these chemicals. Very well known deodorants contain at least one of these chemicals. The above 5 Toxic chemicals in deodorant are very much dangerous for you. Please avoid the products having these chemicals.

Chemicals in Deodorant

Chemicals in Deodorant.

Beauty requires sacrifices, but none of them should be your health. There are many types of deodorants that are free of these harmful chemicals. They also do their job naturally without causing any disease. So try to use them. Instead of buying some well-known products that contain harmful chemicals.

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