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Treatment and causes of chapped lips

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Treatment and causes of chapped lips

Are your lips dried out and chapped? Does winter not help their condition? Do not panic! A small summary of simple gestures to treat your lips, keep them soft and protected.


First and foremost, let see what causes chapped lips? Or Why are your lips so fragile?

The parts of your face most exposed to cold are the nose and the mouth as they form a relief. They are therefore the first victims of external aggression (pollution, wind, UV, cold …).


If your lips tug and dehydrate quickly, it is because they are devoid of sebaceous glands (glands that lie on your epidermis and protect the skin). Result: your lips become chapped.


Also, the skin of the lips being much thinner than the skin of the face. It is essential to pay special attention to it because if you do not heal your lips, small cracks, redness, fine lines, irritations can appear. To avoid these inconveniences, follow our advice to treat your chapped lips.


Moreover, Your fatal weapon to heal your chapped lips is the lipstick. The lipstick is the ideal product for hydrated lips throughout the day. Before buying lipstick first, check that either your lipstick contains lead or not as it is very harmful to your health. For this read our blog Lead in lipstick.


They can be found in different forms:

– For those who want soft and fleshy lips: the “volumizing care stick” is for you.

– For eco-friendly women: opt for a 100% organic balm, often very nourishing and natural, with flower essences. No more chapped lips.

– For eco-friendly women: opt for a 100% organic balm, often very nourishing and natural, with flower essences. No more chapped lips.

– For makeup fans: choose a “stick gloss” for a wet, shiny and natural effect! Some lipsticks have moisturizing properties. A 2 in 1 in the end.

– For ski enthusiasts, do not leave without your anti-UV protective balm, indispensable against the sun’s very powerful rays at high altitude. For more treatment and causes of chapped lips continue reading.


Our advice to avoid chapped lips: Always have a lipstick on you, they are easy to slip into the bag, in a drawer at work, in the car etc. And do not hesitate to apply regularly to treat your lips. Once the product has faded, reapply it so that your lips are moisturized all day. For properly applying lipstick please read our blog 7 tips for applying lip makeup.


Do not wait to have chapped lips. Use your stick as often and regularly as possible within a year. If chapped lips are mostly associated with winter, they do not wait for the cold to dry out.


Finally, the trick? Use your stick as a base just before the gloss, lipstick or lip liner, for perfectly neat lips.

How to treat chapped lips in winter?

– To heal her chapped lips, we exfoliate!

Take time once a day to eliminate all dead skin by passing your toothbrush on your lips. You can also rub a little sugar or salt on it to erase the impurities.


– To heal her chapped lips, you hydrate!

Side components, favor care rich in softening and extremely nourishing agents based on vegetable oils, shea butter, arnica, sweet almond, olive oil …


Care of the chapped lips: our good ideas

Honey has to soften properties: apply it with your fingertip and let it rest for a few minutes. You will see, it is a great way to find lips hydrated and sublimated.


Finally, to optimize the effects of the care, apply them also, in thick layers just before bed. Upon awakening, your lips will be gentle and plump.


Finally, focus on vitamin A-rich foods such as carrots, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains.



Do not moisten your lips during the day, they may dry out more.

Exit also long-lasting, glittery or too dark lipsticks that prevent your lips from breathing.


Finally, to keep lips healthy and cared for, avoid foods that are too acidic. Similarly, avoid the cigarette that discolors your lips and dries them.

Hope you like our blog Treatment and causes of chapped lips. For any question please comment below.

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