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How to do Cat Face makeup

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How to do CatĀ Face Makeup

Let’s stay this week in the animal industry for Cat Face Makeup advice. That will be used for a Halloween party, birthday, Carnival or New Year’s Eve party and which can also go to a woman, a man or a child.

Before you go into Cat Face Makeup you will first need to choose colored contact lenses. Which really give a cat eyes image. And thus get a totally successful and amazing transformation.

Start by cleaning your face and apply moisturizing cream, and let it absorb. Then apply a foundation of fluid makeup, to unify the color of the complexion. And ends by fixing it with compact powder of the tone of your skin.

Then we will work with black eyeliner and black eyeshadow and pearl dark gray. And also with gold eyeliner or glitter pencil. You can also use different eyeliner styles as in our blog that is Amazing Eyeliner Styles.

Begin by drawing the nose of the cat, painting the bottom of your nose. Imagine a horizontal line just at the tip of the nose. And paint from there down in the contour of the nostrils and the junction of the septum. Then, draw small black spots on the lower lip, towards the sides, but not exceeding the imaginary vertical line of the corners of your mouth.

From there draw three mustaches on each side. Tilting them a little toward your cheekbones in a curved shape. After drawing them with the black liner. Brush them underneath with a little dark silver shade, to give shine and volume.

After drawing them with the black liner. Brush them underneath with a little dark silver shade, to give shine and volume. With the black eyeliner, mark a vertical line that goes from the base of your nose (well to the center) and towards your upper lip. And also delineate your lips with this black pencil. Paint the lips dark red, dramatic, and review the outline if needed.

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Cat Face Makeup

cat face makeup

Finish with the eye makeup: towards the outer ends of the upper eyelid, smear black and silver gray, leaving the inner area of the eyelid with only a white or natural base. As the shadow fades, be sure to pull it out, one to one and a half centimeters, either straight or curved up.
Moreover, with fine eyeliner you practice small feline markings on the outside of the eyelid, like animal print stains, that you will fill with gold or silver liner, depending on the color of your disguise.
It ends by outlining your eyes by the upper and lower eyelids, taking the liner well out, in a feline aesthetic. Give the gold clasp with two or three layers of black eyelash mask, or with false eyelashes that lengthen your eyes to your temples.

Finally, all you have to do is find a good idea of disguise. We wish you a fun Makeup Halloween party!.

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