Blush: Choose it well and Apply it

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Blush: Choose it well and Apply it

Also called blusher, blush is the latest step in a makeup. It colors the cheekbones, sparkles the complexion, gives a good face to the face. They exist in powder, cream, gel, in liquid form, in pink, orange or brown tones. Although choosing and applying it is not so easy, so if you do not want to look like a clown, follow our advice.

This essential makeup makes it possible to structure the face by giving different effects according to its application: the illusion of cheeks more or less hollow, rounded, but also more or less colored, etc.

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The blush comes in several textures and colors, to choose them well, some tips:

– For a matte effect, choose a powder blush.
Easier to dose and apply, it is also indicated for those who are not used to using the brush.
– For a nude effect, prefer the forming cream, gel or liquid (attention, in this case, do not powder your cheeks).
You can mix it with a little foundation to facilitate its application.
This is the type of blush commonly used on podiums, as they have the advantage of blending perfectly with the complexion.
– Book the iridescent blush at parties, it will give you a brilliant effect … which is best avoided during the day (unless you are on a parade).

It all depends on your skin tone.
– Light skin, very light or black: prefer a pink blush. It will refresh and illuminate your face.
– Masked skins: an orange color will go perfectly.
In summer, you can spread it on the cheekbones as well as on the forehead and temples.
– Black skin: use a copper or brown blush.
– As for the beige blush, its vocation is to structure the cheeks.
Attention: it is important that your blush is fitting with your makeup. For example, if you have very clear skin and you opt for a lipstick in warm tones, it is better to choose an apricot one.

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How to Apply Blush

The best technique is to smile slightly and apply his brush on the crown of the cheekbones with a soft brush.
Your gesture should be done in a circular, horizontal, outward-facing manner and stretch upward.
The idea is to form a comma to give the illusion that your cheekbones go up.

Brush application VS finger application
– The use of the brush allows an application on a large surface.
If you have chosen a powdered version, use a large blush brush or your brush for the powder.
You can conclude this application by a few touches of blush on the temples, especially if you have a rather square or oval face.
If it is rather round, avoid stretching it too much.
– Application to the finger gives a final rendering more natural, but it is more difficult to master.
Mix a little blush with your foundation, you will get a softer tone, then degrade with light tapping. Start with a little product, but add more if you want to intensify the effect.
This technique allows covering skin imperfections and small defects.

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The missteps to avoid

The goal is not to look like Munchkin or a girl of joy, so have a light hand when applying it and think about stretching it.
If the layers are too thick, the features of your face will look tougher and you will age 10 years.
If the damage is done, do not panic, remove the excess with a tissue by patting lightly, then blend it all to keep a very natural effect.

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