Best makeup trends in summer

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This summer you will be the most beautiful in your dinners and parties with these simple ideas of makeup that copy the famous.

Summer and holidays invite you to go out in the evenings, to enjoy dinners and parties with friends or with your partner. And even if you are a brunette, you also have to make up if you want to look more beautiful. In fact, the makeup will help you get even more out of your tanned skin.

The night is the best time to show off more suggestive makeup trends. Such as metallic shades, red lips or vamp style in burgundy or plum, an infinite eyeliner or wrist eyelashes.

For best summer makeup trends firstly, we started with the face. Even if you are tanned, apply a base of makeup to match the tone and cover imperfections. Choose a tone very similar to your skin. First of all, of course, moisturize your skin with a serum and a moisturizer. As a matter of fact, the key to a juicy and luminous skin is hydration.

However, the tanning powders will allow you to boost your tan more. Even if you have good skin, you will not have to apply the base first. Do not miss our blog BEST SUMMER MAKEUP TIPS.

Similarly, on the eyes you can choose to wear a smoky, metalized shades, ‘cat eye’ or infinite eyeliner, wrist eyelashes. The only advice: do not pretend to show all trends at once.

Next, on the lips dare to wear the always sexy red, the dark colors that this summer also takes. Or might be you can choose neon colors like the orange that with a tanned skin is wonderful.

Best makeup trends:

Successful combinations:

smoky eyes with a nude lip, red or orange lips with doll’s eyelashes, blue eyeliner with a pink lip. For purple smokey eye makeup read our blog How to apply purple smokey eye makeup?.
Moreover, if you do not want the sweat or the high temperatures to play badly. And that your makeup gets drunk right away, you can use a makeup fixative. Or any of the tricks that we give you in our blog Best summer makeup trends. Follow these simple techniques to get an inspirational look that will be a famous look this summer.

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