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How to choose the best deodorant

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How to choose the best deodorant

To feel fresh and combat the smells of perspiration, it is important to choose the best deodorant. But in front of the number of products that the market offers, we get lost. Discover how to choose the best deodorant for your needs!.

Perspiration for deodorant
Sweating is a natural and normal phenomenon. It keeps the body at the right temperature (37 ° C). Sweating, on the other hand, is accentuated during exertion or exposure to heat. It can also appear following an emotion. In this case, the sweat is mostly located under the arms or in the palms of the hands.
The bad odors: the sweat itself does not smell bad. It is the bacteria that feed on this sweat that give off annoying odors. Must read our blog How to take care of your skin.

Best Deodorant or antiperspirant?
Best deodorants help mask the smell of perspiration while antiperspirants limit the secretion of sweat and prevent bad odors. However, some antiperspirants that are found today on the market group both actions. So these two types of products do not have the same benefit. For maximum effectiveness, choose an antiperspirant.

Different types of Best deodorants
Spray, stick or gels, deodorants exist today in many forms. But what are their differences?

– Sprays: they allow locally to stop the secretion of sweat. Easy to use, the sprays give a feeling of freshness. They can be alcoholic or diffuse a dry powder that supports antiperspirants. We find today in mini size, to slip in his bag!

– Roll-on, stick or creams: ultra-practical, aesthetic and ergonomic, they are as effective as spray deodorants.

best deodorant

How to choose the best deodorant

Finally, the advantage of the stick: practical and safe, it does not stain. Sticks are advisable for people who suffer from sweating because they are the most effective.

The advantage of roll-on: it delivers a wet emulsion. Which dries quickly and gives a very pleasant feeling of freshness.

The advantage of deodorant cream: it is soft and alcohol-free, suitable for sensitive skin.
With or without alcohol?

Alcohol has antiseptic properties and acts as a preservative. It is also part of the perfume. If you have sensitive skin, avoid alcoholic deodorants that can harm the skin.

Important: Avoid applying a deodorant containing alcohol just after epilation. Or especially in the case of skin irritation, otherwise, you will experience a burning sensation on the skin.

Tips for less sweating
– Adopt a good hygiene: the shower water and a suitable hygiene product, it is still the best way to eliminate bacteria and sweat. For best result use Homemade body wash.

-Last but not least, Avoid synthetic materials and thick fabrics. Wear natural materials (cotton, linen, wool) and do not forget that dark colors attract heat. Also, read my blog 5 Toxic chemicals in deodorant.

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