Beautiful eye makeup

Beautiful eye makeup Tips

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Beautiful eye makeup.

Eyes are an essential part of the face. It is thanks to them that we attract the eyes of others. The makeup of the eyes is, therefore, an important moment. That can be succeeded even by beginners as long as they know some little tricks. We have therefore prepared a guide that will help you choose the right colors and make your eye makeup perfect to sublimate your look!

Choose her eye shadow:

Depending on the color of your iris, some colors will be better able to highlight your eyes. So here is a short synopsis of what you can wear depending on your eye color.

If you have green eyes then you are much lucky, and your bewitching look will be magnified by colors in violet, lilac, or plum tones. You can also opt for brown or gray tones. Avoid green, blue or pink tones that will not enhance the pretty sparkling color of your eyes. For your mascara or eyeliner, prefer brown shades.

Women with blue eyes should choose warm colors. The variants of orange tones will go to delight you as bronze, brown, taupe, gray. The dark colors also know how to highlight your hypnotic look. For that reason, the smoky eye make-ups go so well. It is also preferable to prescribe the bright colors that will not sublimate the color of your eyes. For mascara and eyeliner, you can choose either brown or black.

Finally, women with brown eyes have the chance to be able to vary the pleasures of makeup more easily. Indeed, the tint of their iris marries readily with many ranges. The beige, copper and brown colors will go to delight. For more originality, you can also choose colors golden, rosy or slightly orange. Choose black to highlight your eyeliner and mascara look.

This will change your eye makeup look to beautiful eye makeup.

Apply your eyeshadow as a professional:

The application of eye shadow must follow certain rules so that you can achieve a perfect result. Begin by first applying a light foundation to your eyelids. This allows the skin to smooth and obtain a unified base before applying the eyeshadow. There are also specific products that allow a better hold of the shadow like a primer.

Then place a very light shadow on the whole of the eyelid, ascending beneath the eyebrow. You can then apply a dark shadow on the moving part of the eyelid. For the latter, it is necessary to begin in the internal hollow of the eye than to stretch it to the external part.

How to do beautiful eye makeup?
Those who wish to have a more elaborate eye makeup, to go out, for example, can apply on their eyelids up to four layers of shade. In this case, it is necessary to start with the clearest shade. You then lay a darker shadow on the whole of the moving eyelid.

Finally, you can apply a third, even darker, brush to the outer corner of the eye.


Start from the root of the eyelashes and progress towards the outside of the eye and then rise slightly on the crease of the eyelid. This third layer will enlarge your eyes. Moreover, you can use a more flashy blush color below the eye to bring a touch of brightness to the set.

Finally, always think about applying makeup according to the shape of your eyes. If you have big eyes, do not ignore the layer of clear eye shadow under the eyebrow. If your eyes are close together, add a touch of clear makeup to the inner area of the eye.

Beautiful eye makeup

How to put Mascara and eyeliner for beautiful eye makeup:

On the eyeliner side, you can either place it on the mobile eyelid, at the level of the root of the eyelashes, or inside the lower eyelid. In either case, it allows a more sustained look.

If you want to apply the eyeliner to the upper eyelid, always start at the inner corner of the eye and draw a line to the outer edge of the eye. Your eyeliner line should be as close as possible to the root of the eyelashes.


If you want to emphasize your eyes by placing the eyeliner on the lower eyelid, it will ideally be applied to the inner edge of the eyelid at the level of the mucous. In the same way, you must start with the inner corner of the eye to stretch the line to the outer part.

Even if you have long and thick eyelashes, mascara is an essential touch to lengthen the eyelashes and have a more intense and attractive look.

Beautiful eye makeup

Moreover, to properly apply your mascara, first clean the application brush with a tissue to remove old product residues that could make bundles. Lift the eyebrows to facilitate the laying, then apply the mascara from the root of the eyelashes and stretching towards the tip. Avoid making a continuous movement, prefer an application with slight movements from left to right, like zigzags.

Finally, you are now ready to make up your eyes. Whether they are light touches for natural makeup or more sustained and tailored for your evenings. Do not hesitate to experiment with different colors. And to train yourself in the mascara pose, to avoid the packets, and in that of the eyeliner to obtain a perfect line.


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