Causes of Baldness

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Baldness is one of the major problems of our society. It frequently affects men (30-50 years) but women also. In most cases, this is a natural phenomenon (hair can fall for example because they are damaged) in others hair loss can reveal the Beginning of alopecia. Like all diseases of the same type, the causes of baldness are numerous. It can be due to stress, medication, childbirth or even an unbalanced diet. However, the main factor remains heredity.

Cause 1: Heredity

If your father or even your mother has a receding skull, there is a good chance that you will not escape. This is called androgenetic alopecia. The age of the onset of the phenomenon varies from one person to another, but in most cases, alopecia occurs between 25 and 35 years of age. For tips on long hair care please, read our blog How to take care of long hair?

Cause 2: male hormones

Male hormones and baldness are closely related terms. The adenomas strongly influence the natural cycle of our hair. In both men and women they accelerate the regrowth of hair except that after several cycles of loss-regrowth, the hair does not grow again. The forehead or gulfs become destitute. Note that in women the androgenic hormones responsible for hair loss are very active during menopause or after childbirth.

Cause 3: Stress

Stress is indeed one of the equally negligible factors of hair loss. Precisely, there are 2 types of hair loss due to stress. The first is the effluvium of the skin, which may be the result of certain diseases which may cause the hair to stop growing. The second is acute alopecia. In this case, a painless irritation attacks the follicles of the hair and it is in reaction to this assault that the hair will cease to grow.

Moreover, the alopecia due to the stress is not definitive if the hair will be able to repel as long as follow a suitable treatment. Stress treatment in depth will be the preliminary step to hair loss due to stress. For more tips on damaged hair care read our blog 7 Ways to Treat Damaged hair.


Cause 4: Testosterone

Both men and women have two types of hormones: testosterone and DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). It is, in any case, testosterone that spreads in the blood to turn into DiHydroTestosterone under the influence of enzymes called 5 alphas reductase. Over time, this fusion causes premature aging of the hair. The amount of testosterone secreted is not the cause of the hair loss but rather the way in which it is captured by the receptors and then transformed into D.H.T. under the influence of the hyperactivity of the 5 alpha reductase. The DH will then deteriorate the role of the follicles. Sebaceous secretion is thus increased and the cycles of development of the hair become abnormal.


Cause 5: Lack of iron

Iron is a facilitator of hair regrowth. A balanced diet and especially rich in iron can prevent you. In the case of hair loss, the ideal solution would be to check the rate of iron in the body. Also, read our blog for hair loss, How to Prevent Dandruff and Hair Loss?.

Cause 6: Fatigue

Hair loss is also due to fatigue. At this point, there is the talk of seasonal alopecia. By way of illustration, we can cite the weakening of the body affecting the hormonal system. This can be caused either after childbirth or take medication. Moreover, lack of sleep can also cause general fatigue of the body. The same applies to food deficiencies. We can mention among others dehydration.

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